Title[EVENT] K-doll Store Grand Opening Event.(Feb 22, 2013)
Author구 정은(http://http://k-doll.com)Count98Date2013/06/19
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Thank you for visiting after a long interval. specially thanks you didn’t forget K-doll.

and welcome to the first time visiters.

We proceed K-doll store opening event in order to express our gratitude.

we will provide free shipping to everyone purchase Khan Basic during February 25 – March 5.

Regardless of the number, shipping is free!

If you have any questions, mail to “kjeasdf@gmail.com” and we will answer quickly.

Thank you again.



칸의 첫 국내판매는 네이버 샵n에서 진행되었으며 오프닝 이벤트로 35000원 상당의 oscar eye를 무료증정 해드렸습니다.





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