Khan basic(layaway)-sold out


Khan basic will be shipped within 7days after confirming payment. 

Khan Basic order period :  2013/5/10 ~ 2013/5/20(Korea time GMT+9)

Sculpted by : Ku Jeong Eun

Khan is the first 70cm ball-jointed doll of K-doll.


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This is for layaway payment only.

If you want layaway, please order from this page.
If you want lump sum payment, Please order from “khan basic page.”


Steps for layaway payment

Step 1, please pay the layaway fee ($10) and advance payment ($150), at once. The total amount is $ 160.
Step 2, Less than three days after receipt of order, we will send you email about the remainder.
Step 3, please complete payment the remainder at once within 50 days from the order date.


1. Since its made to order, cancellations are not allowed.
2. If you use a different name for the shop and the paypal ID, please email me ( to notify.



Khan BASIC – normal skin  $600





Including items

  • head of Khan
  • K70 body
  • certificate of authenticity
  • default box
  • spare string for body’s tension
  • spare S type ring
  • spare magnet
  • head mask


  • The wig, face up, eyes , outfits are not included.

Compatibility Information

  • Eyes in 14 ~ 16mm low-dome is best suited. All of Eyes in photos is 14mm.
  • Wigs are small sd-size (8 ~ 9 inches) fit.



Option Items

Face-up : default make-up [by miaka]  $30

if you choose face-up, delivery takes approximately 10~14 days more.


Please select option above this page, if you want to buy option items.


Khan + K70 Body Size

  • Weight : 1.8kg
  • Tall (with head) : 69cm
  • Head circumference : 8.5inch
  • Shoulder width : 16cm
  • Neck circumference  : 11.5cm
  • Chest circumference : 29cm
  • Waist circumference : 22cm
  • Pelvis circumference : 27cm
  • Thigh circumference : 16.5cm
  • Calf circumference : 13cm
  • Ankle circumference : 9cm
  • Wrist circumference : 7cm
  • Arm length : 21cm
  • Leg length  34cm
  • Length from tiptoe to navel : 42cm
  • Foot length : 9.5cm
  • Ball of foot length : 3.5cm















Doll Sculpter

  • Sculpted by : Ku Jeong Eun



  • There will be a putting line made during manufacturing. putting line will be not removed by default.
  • Same make up (option) as the picture will be provided but there still could be a slight difference between individual dolls.
  • May look slightly different colors depending on your monitor setting.
  • There can be very small bubbles or a few of the points. It is not considered as Bad Report.
  • If visible defects ; like facial bubbles or dots on face ; please reported within 7 days after receiving the product. we can assist exchanging within 7 days only.



  • All international shipments are shipped EMS service only.
  • It is scheduled to be shipped within 40 days of the order period has ended. if you choose face-up, delivery takes approximately 10~14 days more.
  • Shipping could be faster or slower depending on the order quantity, cloning schedule, weather condition.

Refund Policy

  • Once payment is made it is impossible to cancel. Please think carefully before you make an order.
  • Because this product makes after order, customer can’t cancel order since we confirm the payment.



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 89 x 39 x 20 cm